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Functional and intuitive
HIPAA-compliant voice experience

Company: Accuhealth 

Industry: Hospitals and Health Care

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Client’s Background

Accuhealth is a healthcare technology company based in McAllen, Texas. It specializes in providing comprehensive remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions to clinics and healthcare enterprises worldwide.

Accuhealth's services include the supply of all necessary hardware, software, and continuous clinical monitoring, enabling real-time health data access and improved patient management.

The company's flagship RPM platform, Evelyn, integrates advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to enhance patient and clinician experiences by increasing patient adherence to medical advice and improving health outcomes.

The platform offers features like detailed analytics, voice sentiment analysis, and behavioral analytics, which help in early detection and intervention for various health issues.


Configuration and Management of Settings

Seniors and people with disabilities may find it difficult to navigate through multiple settings and configurations required in digital health applications. 


The inability to easily configure settings can prevent effective monitoring of health conditions, leading to underutilization of potentially life-saving health monitoring features.

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Complexity of Technology Usage

Elderly people often struggle with complex interfaces in smartphone apps and computer applications, which can deter them from effectively managing their health. 

This complexity can lead to reduced engagement with health monitoring tools, potentially worsening health outcomes due to non-compliance or delayed responses to health issues.


Memory Reliance for Health Data

Keeping track of medical data such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and temperature requires consistent recording and recollection, which can be challenging for seniors. 


Forgetting to take readings or to record them accurately can lead to incorrect health management decisions, potentially resulting in adverse health events.


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We went through the extensive and detailed discovery process and created an intuitive voice experience - Alexa Skill.

Accuhealth Alexa Skill helps seniors initiate a callback from the call center, ask Alexa about their medical data: blood pressure, blood sugar, etc., and receive notifications that they need to get their daily readings using voice commands.

Accuhealth Alexa Skill

Simplified Interaction

The Alexa skill provides a voice-activated interface that simplifies interaction, making it easier for elderly users to engage without needing to navigate complex menus.

  • Benefit:

Increases accessibility and usability, leading to higher engagement and consistent use.

Voice-Activated Configuration

Users can configure settings and preferences using simple voice commands.

  • Benefit:

Reduces the cognitive load on users, facilitating easier setup and ongoing management of the device.

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Automated Reminders and Data Logging

The skill can automatically remind users to take their medical readings at scheduled times and log this information

for them.

  • Benefit:

Helps maintain regular monitoring schedules and ensures accurate record-keeping for health data.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Voice control allows people with visual impairments or limited manual dexterity to interact with the application more easily.

  • Benefit:

Enhances independent living for people with disabilities by providing a more inclusive technology solution.

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