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HIPAA Complaint Virtual Health Coach

Company: Opt Health

Industry: Medical Practices  

Client’s Background

Opt Health is a telemedicine company based in

San Francisco, CA that specializes in men's health.

The one mission: is to reconnect men with health, wellness, strength, and sexual activity through doctor-guided health optimization programs.

The process at Opt Health is structured around three main steps: Measure, Mentor, and Monitor. This involves initial consultations, a personalized health optimization plan, and regular follow-ups to track progress.

The consultations and subsequent prescription deliveries are conducted online, with medications shipped directly to patients' homes.

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Opt Health sought to explore the best ways for the brand to continue to engage with its consumers and create a functional and intuitive Virtual Health Coach to help patients stay on track with their health goals.

Also to provide them with effective and efficient treatments and affordable services so they can take back control of their health and, therefore, their life.

  1. Patients often struggle to integrate health management seamlessly into their daily routines.

  2. They may forget to follow their health regimens, such as taking medication, exercising, or monitoring vital signs.

  3. Patients need real-time tracking of health metrics to adjust their health plans promptly.

  4. Ensuring that health management tools are accessible to all, including those with physical disabilities or limited tech proficiency.

  5. Each patient has unique health needs and goals, requiring personalized guidance.

  6. Patients may feel dependent on frequent doctor visits or unsure about managing their health independently.


Research has shown that many Opt Health customers use the Alexa smart speaker every day.
U-Hertz went through an extensive and detailed discovery and testing process and created an intuitive voice experience - a Virtual Health Coach.

Opt Health customers now have access to personal healthcare solutions with a world-class medical team.

We've helped Opt Health clients reconnect with their health, wellness, strength, and sexual vitality.

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A Virtual Health Coach enables access to personal healthcare solutions and helps to make effective and efficient treatments and services accessible to clients so they can take back control of their health, and therefore their lives.

  1. The Alexa skill provides a hands-free way to interact with their health program, allowing users to receive reminders, health tips, and updates effortlessly as part of their daily routine at home.

  2. The skill sends proactive reminders for activities and can prompt users when it’s time to perform health-related tasks, making it easier to adhere to prescribed health regimens.

  3. The Virtual Health Coach can integrate with wearable devices to monitor health metrics like heart rate, sleep quality, and activity levels, providing immediate feedback and advice based on these data points.

  4. Voice-activated tools like the Alexa skill are inherently more accessible for individuals who may have difficulties with traditional apps or websites. The skill can be customized to accommodate different levels of tech-savviness and physical abilities.

  5. The Alexa skill uses AI for interactions and advice based on individual health profiles, preferences, and progress, ensuring that each user receives the most relevant and effective support.

  6. By providing consistent support and instant access to health information, the Virtual Health Coach empowers users to feel more confident and independent in managing their health.

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