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AI Assistant for E-Pharmacy Platform 

Company: AllAccess Health

Industry: Hospitals and Health Care


Client Background 

AllAccess Health is a pioneer in the United States that provides direct patient care services.

As the only company in the country to fully integrate telemedicine, pharmacy, home testing, labs and diagnostics into one seamless service, AllAccess Health offers an innovative and comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Their focused services are designed to empower patients to take charge of their health by providing all the tools and support they need in one accessible platform.

AllAccess Health is committed to increasing patient autonomy, improving outcomes and transforming the healthcare experience through advanced technology and personalized care.


The company utilized a Zendesk system to handle customer inquiries but was overwhelmed by the volume of repetitive queries, which included:

  • Requests for tracking information.

  • Questions regarding cancellation and refund policies.

  • Inquiries on how to use home health tests.

  • Queries about order processing times.


The high volume of repetitive questions was taxing on AllAccess Health's customer service resources, leading to increased response times and decreased customer satisfaction.

The company needed a solution to efficiently manage these queries to improve operational efficiency and enhance the overall customer experience.

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AllAccess Health, recognizing the need to optimize its customer service operations, collaborated with U-Hertz to transform its approach to handling frequent customer inquiries.

They aimed to enhance efficiency and improve customer satisfaction by integrating an AI-driven assistant into their existing Zendesk system.

The strategic integration of the AI Assistant into AllAccess Health's customer service operations opens up numerous opportunities to not only streamline responses but also to significantly elevate the customer journey.

By automating routine interactions and providing instant support, AllAccess Health is positioned to deliver a more responsive, engaging, and satisfying service experience.

AI Assistant 

The AI Assistant was designed to handle the most common queries by:

Automating Tracking Information:
The AI Assistant was engineered to provide real-time updates on order status and tracking information automatically.

This innovation reduces the volume of routine inquiries, allowing customer service representatives to focus on more complex issues and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Streamlining Cancellation and Refunds:
By enabling the AI Assistant to process cancellations and initiate refunds directly through the Zendesk interface, AllAccess Health capitalized on the chance to speed up response times and improve accuracy in handling these requests, all within predefined compliance and policy guidelines.


Providing Guidance on Home Health Tests:

The AI Assistant provides customers with instant access to detailed instructional guides and video tutorials for home health tests. This proactive approach in resource sharing not only enhances user experience but also reduces the dependency on direct customer support for basic queries.

Clarifying Order Timelines:

Leveraging real-time data, the AI Assistant offers immediate and precise updates regarding order processing times, thus ensuring customers receive timely and accurate information. This capability is essential in maintaining transparency and trust between AllAccess Health and its customers.

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The implementation of the AI Assistant greatly enhanced the efficiency of AllAccess Health’s customer service operations.

It reduced the volume of direct queries handled by human agents, allowing them to focus on more complex customer needs.

Customer satisfaction improved due to quicker response times and more effective communication.

AllAccess Health successfully managed to streamline its customer service process, ensuring a smoother, more efficient customer journey.

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