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AI Shopping Assistant 

Company: Terra Trek

Industry: E-Commerce 

Camping in Mountains

Clients background 

Terra Trek is a premier online outdoor shop, operating from Germany and extending its expertly managed services globally. With a heritage deeply rooted in rigorous and precise German systems, Terra Trek has built its reputation on delivering first-class service, exceptional prices, and efficient shipping.


Originally gaining expertise through extensive operations in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, Terra Trek brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in climbing and mountain sports products to the digital marketplace.


Terra Trek, a leading online retailer specializing in climbing and mountaineering products, has identified several critical challenges affecting its online store performance and customer satisfaction. 

1) Terra Trek faced a high customer abandonment rate of 95% during the shopping process. 
2) Additionally, product pages remain static and do not reflect the ongoing enhancements or updates in product specifications and customer feedback, potentially leading to a stagnant user experience.
3) Another significant concern is response time to customer inquiries. Currently, it takes an average of 24 hours to address product-related questions, which is detrimental in a fast-paced retail environment where customers expect quick and efficient service. This slow response rate can discourage potential buyers, affecting customer retention and overall satisfaction.

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U-Hertz made an extensive and detailed analysis of the Terra Trek and created an AI Shopping Assistant to:

  • optimizing the checkout process to make it faster and more user-friendly

  • dynamically updating product pages to keep content fresh and relevant

  • significantly reducing the response time for customer inquiries through advanced customer service technologies.

So Terra Trek can enhance its e-commerce platform's efficiency, improve customer engagement, and ultimately increase conversion rates. 


Use AI to automatically generate a unique FAQ for each product

U-Hertz has developed an AI Shopping Assistant for Terra Trek to enhance the online shopping experience and address the identified challenges in customer engagement and satisfaction.

This innovative tool leverages artificial intelligence to provide instant and personalized responses to customer inquiries, optimize interaction, and improve conversion rates.

Automated Unique FAQ Generation for Each Product:

The AI utilizes machine learning algorithms to automatically generate a customized FAQ section for each product on Terra Trek's website. This is based on predictive analytics to determine the most relevant questions that customers are likely to ask, focusing on those that drive revenue.

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Answer any product question instantly

Instant Answer Capability:
Customers can ask any question related to a product and receive an immediate answer. This feature eliminates the need for customers to navigate through lengthy product descriptions or search manually for information, as the AI pulls data directly from Terra Trek’s Product Information Management (PIM) platform, sizing guides, and other relevant documents.

Personalized Customer Interaction:
The AI Shopping Assistant treats every customer individually using their browsing and purchase history to predict and present the most relevant questions and answers.

This personalized approach ensures that the FAQs are specifically tailored to the needs and interests of each customer, enhancing their shopping experience.

Train your data

Adaptive Learning and Optimization:
The system continuously learns and improves its question prediction and answering capabilities based on customer interactions and feedback. It adjusts the FAQs for each product over time to better meet customer needs and shares these learnings across different product categories to enhance the overall effectiveness of the tool.

Data-Driven Training and Expert Input:
The AI Shopping Assistant is trained using Terra Trek’s extensive repository of buying guides, sizing guides, and expert content.

This training is further refined with insights from internal experts to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of the answers provided.

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