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PointClickCare is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the senior care industry.

Our partnership aims to bring voice-activated technology to the senior care industry, improving the quality of care for residents and making it easier for care providers to perform their jobs.

By partnering with PointClickCare, we are able to leverage our expertise to develop solutions that are tailored to the senior care industry.

The goal of the cooperation is to integrate voice-activated technology into PointClickCare's software solutions, allowing care providers to access information and perform tasks hands-free. This will enable caregivers to spend more time with residents, improving the quality of care and reducing the workload of care providers.

The partnership between PointClickCare and U-Hertz is a significant step towards modernizing the senior care industry. The integration of voice-activated technology will streamline processes, improve efficiency, and ultimately result in better outcomes for residents.

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