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Alexa for Hospitality

​Alexa for Hospitality is a specialized version of Amazon's voice assistant technology, designed specifically for use in hotels and other hospitality settings. It allows guests to use voice commands to access information about the hotel, make requests, and control room features like lighting and temperature. 

  • Guest Services: Guests can ask Alexa for information about the hotel, such as the hours of operation for the restaurant, the location of the fitness center, or the schedule of events.

  • Room Control: Alexa can be used to control various features of the guest's room, such as adjusting the thermostat, turning on the lights, or raising the blinds.

  • Entertainment: Guests can use Alexa to access entertainment options, such as streaming music or movies.

Friends in Hotel Room
  • Personalization: Hotels can customize Alexa with information specific to their property, such as restaurant menus or local attractions.

  • Privacy and Security: Alexa for Hospitality is designed to protect guests' privacy and security, with features such as automatic deletion of voice recordings and controls to prevent unauthorized access to guest rooms.

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