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We bring a voice to your business

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The way of interaction with technologies has been changed. Now we live in the world of Voice: Google Home, Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple fall into more consumer homes and pockets. Voice has become the main force of communication with customers. And we are here to help our clients achieve important business outcomes by building new Voice products and services, improving existing ones, maintenance and support in the business.

With U-Hertz you can empower your business to become voice-focused, create the optimal customer experience and improve your engagement to run a more efficient business.

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Alexa Skills

We create, develop, and maintain custom Alexa skills from scratch. Design of voice interactions, certifications, and support.

Google Actions

We design and develop voice actions for Google Assistant devices.



The automotive industry has been going through a significant technological disruption that has placed software at the core of the vehicles.
We give auto manufacturers, voice app developers, and companies the ability to deliver consistent in-car voice experiences.

Smart Home

A smart home is a place where home appliances and multimedia devices interact with each other. Allow your customers to communicate with your business, safely control lighting, heating, or security from anywhere on their computer or smartphone.

Smart Alarm System

Streaming Audio

We are seeing a marked increase in the complexity of voice applications, and we are here to help.

Streaming Video

So much entertainment - you can now play your favorite films, music, and podcasts, video call friends and family, recipes and shows are always in view.

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Client 8


Discovery Stage is the first step in Voice Product Development to create a user-friendly product. We work with clients to understand what they are trying to achieve, and then determine how people will interact and benefit from voice skills.

- Define project vision and scope

- User research

- Prototype and test ideas

- Validate tech feasibility


- Workshops with stakeholders

- Defined business and analytics objectives

- Use case identification and described User-Stories

- Prototype

- Estimate and timeline

Client 7

Conversation design

Voice interaction represents a new and exciting design language – including intents, utterances, and slots.

Using mood boarding and preparing several concepts, we make sure the client and the users love the design of the future product.

- Identifying user groups

- Writing sample dialogues

- Defining the multitude
of responses that a user may ask, and the voice device should respond to.


- Skill flow diagram

- Understanding how users could interact with the skill

- List of possible intents, utterances, and slots

- Creation of document highlighting every response

Client 1


Taking the prepared design and applying the latest tech trends, our experienced team creates the featured voice Apps.

Innovative design and intuitive functionality implemented by our team result in attractive voice skills.

- Usability, consistency, and user engagement

- Multimodal development

- Unit and integration testing

- Updating the existing skill


- Default and custom intent development

- Working product

Client 2


A voice app free from errors is the key to ensuring that your users enjoy the content you’re offering.

- Full test coverage of all functionality including layout,
scale, touch response and more
- Verification of the Motion API and Sense API for brand
new devices
- Verification of integration with the third-party programs
and devices

- Multimodal testing (appropriate test devices)

- Testing the understanding of words and sentences
(misunderstandings, homonyms, variance across accents)


- Verified product without bugs

- List of misunderstandings, homonyms

- Tips for improvement

- List of test cases

- Reports

Client 5


We will take care of the rest of the software life: changes, corrections, additions, and more.

We ensure maintenance and support.

- Software upgrades
- Repairs
- Fixes

- Monitoring of the system performance


- Keep system life

- Maintain code

- Update software when required

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More About

U-Hertz is a creative, fast-growing voice studio. We provide services for the design, creation, testing, and support of voice skills for Alexa and Google actions. We have built our services around the core business sectors — Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Travel, Finance, and Retail. We can perform solutions of any complexity. Also, we can quickly, efficiently, and timely provide a final solution. We help our clients achieve important business outcomes by building new voice products and services, improving existing ones, maintenance, and support in the business.
Join our development team to bring voice ideas to life and create a new platform for your users to engage and interact with.

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Lexemic Content Managment System

Lexemic - is a first Content Management System for the Alexa and Google voice applications, which allows businesses to manage content.


With Lexemic you can:

  • Store, update, change Text content.

  • Add, remove or change Visual elements.

  • Store and manage Video content.

  • Add new Audio or changes existing.

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UCash Alexa Payment Skill Finastra MVP

The COVID pandemic has brought many changes. This has forced us to find new ways to work, interact, and live. With a pandemic, we need to change our way of life to be safe. Voice technology is a key component of supporting our new way of life and work in this extraordinary time. Our Voice application with ATM integration API allows you to withdraw cash, check balances, and mini-statements or make cash deposits simply by voice.

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Swipe Bank Alexa Payment Skill Finastra MVP

In just a few months, the COVID-19 crisis has led to years of changes in the way companies do business in all sectors and regions. COVID has raised the question of how our societies are organized and where we want and need to invest in the future. During the pandemic, consumers moved to Internet channels, and companies and industries responded in turn. We can see a rapid transition to customer interaction through digital channels. Voice technology is not an exception. With our Voice Assistant for bank products you no longer have to wait in line. With Swipe Bank you can find all the information about loans and deposits in the bank.

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Alexa Payment Skill Finastra MVP

The world needs change. With Covid, we've all realized how important digital technology is to stay connected and accomplish goals. Voice skills are especially important. In the age of "sterile hands", voice commands are very useful. Our voice app allows you to receive the latest transactions, check current balance information, or even transfer money simply by using your voice.

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U-HERTZ is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests?
Contact us through this form or write to us in chat, social networks
to get a free consultation on your future skills.

Global Headquarters


 Monarch CT Woodbridge, VA 22192, USA

‭+1 (804) 964-0430‬ 

R&D Center
200a Kulparkivska street, Lviv 79060, Ukraine


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